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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

 Vintage boxes intrigue me.  They keep me guessing.  Wondering what makes a box special enough to keep? And what could possibly be special enough to be kept inside?  This box was a strange juxtaposition of lingerie and sandwiches.  Complete with intact labels and what I can only imagine to be a sandwich pixie keeping guard.  The little faces are made from poylstyrene balls, toothpicks, pipe cleaners and tinsel paper.  I am seriously tempted to have a go at making  some

Other boxes are just what they say they are.  I thought I was being so sensible and frugal when I passed on an $8 ruffler foot for my machine a few years ago.  Of course, this meant that it would be a very long time until I saw one again.  So here it is, my new toy, a new to me ruffler foot.

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  1. The ruffler foot is intriguing. Never knew of their existance! I also love vintage boxes. Especially when they're filled with vintage decorations!

  2. A ruffler foot? off to google...
    Old boxes truly are irresistible. the sammy signs are priceless, i can just imagine some old nana knocking them together for the granddaughters shotgun wedding, the wedding dress already showing signs of strain at the seams...
    I have a few old ballantynes boxes. they were empty sadly, but i do like to fantasise about what was in them once upon a time (a tissue wrapped silk dress etc, like in black and white movies!). Now storing old course notes under the spare bed. what a come down!

    1. LOL Ballantynes boxes...was just commenting last night that I wish my hubby would bring me something nice for a change in the Ballantynes bag he always brings home from work...for some weird reason I think he relishes stashing his stinky running gear in a Ballantynes bag, somehow it's just a bit more posh.

  3. What, no carrot and cream cheese or cucumber! Love the little signs. Hmm lingerie and sandwiches...wasnt there a Seinfeld episode about that?


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