Weakness for Bias Tape

Sunday, July 07, 2013

I have a weakness for bias tape and all it's uses.  I found myself making more tape this week as I couldn't put my hands on some I had made earlier.  The tape  is often left in the "might use oneday, but can't remember where it is " pile when I finish each project. 

This had me reflecting on just how many time I've been using this stuff.  It turns out I use it alot.

Thanks to bias tape we have facings to little dresses, pockets trims, buzzy bits of piping, jigsaw puzzle bags.  Sometimes I have a mind to turn all my stash into long strips of bias tape...

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  1. I always seem to make mine to order but having a stash of it to pull out and use is a very tempting idea! Not that I need more stash items you understand...
    Love those pocket details, super cute.

  2. I've never made bias tape for anything other than quilting but now you have opened a whole new door for me

  3. ive never made bias tape, i shall have to try!


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