A Story of Five Jugs

Friday, October 11, 2013

Collections often start with regrets and missed opportunities.  This collection began with one simple little jug.  It matched some cups I already had.  My godmother lovingly packed it and sent it from Scotland for me.  It was beautiful.  It still is beautiful, but in transit a small shard broke from the rim.  And so the collection began.
I started to look through trade-me to find another one, with it's pale blue interior and curved belly.  Feeling a little like goldilocks the collection grew in no particular order,
too big, 
wrong blue, 
right size but wrong color,
until finally 
right color, right size but part of a pair.

Together they look beautiful.  I feel temptation should be spelt P-O-O-L-E to match the china I keep gravitating towards.  Sometimes they hold milk and little teaparties.   But best of all, they hold flowers, spilling over the top, hiding the little shard that started the whole process.

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  1. They are so pretty with the blue inside. I can see why you have them.


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