Justifying Thrift - A Ferrari to Match My Spare Tyre

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

I think I might be the sort of person who would buy a Ferrari, just because it matched a spare tyre I was given.  In this case,  I picked up an oven to go with my speckly enamel ware.

This little beauty is a NZ made gem - a bench top oven by National Electric and Engineering Company (NEECO).  While I can't determine where in New Zealand this was made, one of the manufacturing branches of NEECO was in Temuka.  Their insulator kilns had a handy sideline in ashtrays that grem into Temuka Pottery*.

While the oven is decidedly stylish it screams fire trap.  The top plate is used to heat the oven as well.  There isn't a skerrick  of insulation to the door or sides.  I could imagine it in a workshop, being used to keep the kettle and pies warm, though a jug and a trip to the pie shop might be a little safer.

*A very brief history.  you can read more here.

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  1. What on earth will you do with it then??

  2. I'm thinking of carefully removing the cord so as not to temp little hands to plug it in and putting it in a family corner for the kids. Family corner being the PC term they use at daycare for play kitchen, ironing, washing up area, etc.

  3. such a neat little thing, it puts me in mind of elizabeth david or julia childs and their ilk, whom, if you read their biographies, always seemed to have learnt to cook atop one of these gadgets, in their bedsits before hitting the big time/getting married!
    perhaps you could de-wire it and give it to the kids as a play cooker?


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