Lots of Little Sewing

Thursday, October 03, 2013

I have been putting the finishing touches on lots of little sewing projects.  An afternoon of kids printing onto fabric has been turned into a dozen little zipped pouches.

I think I might have got it down to a fine production line*.  I am sucked by the bright colours and expressiveness of their little art works.  I think we may need to make some more for Christmas and end of year teacher presents. However, the next task is to match each pouch with its maker.

*I sometimes wonder if the wed needs yet another zippered pouch tutorial, but I am sorely tempted to write one, including measurements, printing techniques, ink setting process.  What do you think? Should I? Would you use it?

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  1. Oh wow Amy! I hope they will be able to identify their own work. They look amazing....thank-you! Jx

  2. Oh yes please. That was actually my first thought when I opened your post. It's the zipper ends that I always make a mess of so a tutorial would be perfect thanks.
    Rosie cx

    1. I'm busily putting it together. I will try to make special care over the zips.

  3. I'd love one with special emphasis on the printing process! Always so fun to take kiddos artwork and make it into really pretty, useful things.

    1. Done!! I'm even thinking printing with bubble wrap could work.


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